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1 - For how long my ad can stay at Seekter.com?

     The length of time your ad stays on Seekter is for 60days. After 60days period they will be removed automatically. You can remove your ad by yourself at any stage by simply logging into your Seekter’s account. It's a good idea to remove your ad when you've sold the items so that you don't get more calls from people trying to buy your item. It also helps generate a great Seekter experience making people more inclined to buy from you in the future.

     However, there is another option to temporarily disable your ad.  If it's the case that you're in negotiations or the sale has been agreed on your item, you have an option to temporarily disable your ad. Your ad will not appear in the listed ads, but it will stay there and at any time you can enable it with just one click. (Check Figure 4.1)


2 - How to Modify an AD:

     Being able to change or remove an ad is just as important as knowing how to place an ad. If you've forgotten to include vital information in your ad that will increase your chances of finding a buyer, fear not you can update your ad as many times as you like for free.

You can edit or update your ad by:

Logging into "My Account>Dashboard>Ads>Edit

3 - How many Ads I can post from one account:

Currently, every user can post maximum up to 20 active Ads. If their limit has reached they can either delete or disable from their posted Ads. You can do this also from your dashboard>Ads


4 - My Mobile number:

We care about your privacy. With every new ad there is an option to let users see your mobile number or not. You can simply uncheck the option “Don’t show my number” if you don’t want users to see your mobile number.  With every new AD you can also use a different number.

After you disable your mobile number, users can send you messages and you will also receive a notification in your email.


5 - How to use MAP:

  • By using MAP’s option, you can share your location with other’s  and let them reach you easily.
  • You will always find this option with every ad. “Show Map?”
  • You can enable this option later also from your Dashboard
  • All you need is to fill the values (Map Latitude) & (Map Longitude)
  • You can easily find them from this link  www.latlong.net


6 - Can I share my ad on the social networking sites

Yes, you can. With every ad you will find the option “ Share The Ad”


7 - Price suggestions:

With price suggestion users can suggest their prices for the item



8 - Comments

You can let users to comment on your posted AD. This option is always available. The AD owner will decide either to enable it or not. While posting the AD you will find the check box either  to enable it or not. “Allow Comments”


9 - Report This Ad:

If you find any AD violating our Terms of Use or affecting the users privacy, you can report that AD just by clicking the option “Report This Ad”


10 - My Dashboard:

It is the place which will give you all options related to your account and Ads.

  •   Change your profile name
  •   Change your mobile number
  •   Change your password
  •   Change your email address
  •   Change your profile picture
  •   Read messages
  •   Enable/Disable your AD
  •   Edit your Ad
  •   Delete your AD


After changing your email address you will receive a confirmation message on the new email ID. Later you will be receiving all notifications on your selected email.

Messages: You will be receiving all the messages under this option.Along with the user name and email ID and Telephone number. You can contact them back as you like, reply them back from the same dashboard or send them an email message or call them on their number.  You will also be notified on your email when someone will send you a message.



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